Friday, June 29, 2007

So at work we have a number of our Canadian Distributors in for training...and being the entertainment specialist I am...Joel and I took 5 of them out. Joel played golf with one and then met up with us, while I took the other four for dinner and drinks. 06:00 comes really early when you don't get home until 01:00.

I got 4 more beers done on the mini-tour at Old Chicago's. Four more to go and I get the t-shirt.

Softball last night almost ended in disaster. We were up 18-6 and managed to blow the lead, get down by two...all within the top of the last inning. But never fear, we were home team and came back to win.

Softball finds me in Wellington this evening...back to Old C's to finish the tour...and who knows with the holiday fast approaching.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Last night at happy hour...not only did I get my first three beers towards the new mini-tour, but also finished my 3rd overall World Beer Tour (110 beers). Yeah!!!

Also had my first physical therapy session on my right sholder...PT seems to think we can strengthen it up enough to avoid surgery. On-On to sholder strengthing exercises. Athough he is not real happy about the fact I play ~6 games of softball a week.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So I am attempting to create something so everyone knows what I am up too...since family and friends gripe about how I don't stay in touch.

I must admit this thing is a time sucking machine. It also hurts my head trying to remember everything I have done in the last year or so...mountins I have bagged, races I have ran, places I have traveled too, etc.

Hope you all enjoy...I will try to keep it updated. Still trying to build it.