Saturday, July 28, 2007

Back in the "dry" Heat...

So I am back from TN...having been in the "humid" environments for over 2 weeks...I was looking forward to the dry heat. It is now sitting at 88% humidity at my house. WHAT?!?!

All softball games were canceled last night due to the rain.

Today is a Hashing day!!! YEAH...a little running and group therapy all for the price of $5.

Sunday finds me trying to get ready for that small race next Friday and Saturday. I did get Saturn of Fort Collins to donate the use of a vehicle for us for the weekend!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Back in town...and out again..

So I returned from the land of hot and humid (Hotlanta) on Friday. Played softball on Friday night and beat a team we lost to earlier in the season.

Saturday found me running my first leg for the Wild West Relay in two weeks. Time was bad...24:09. I am hoping it has to do with the fact that I was at sea level all week. Also got our REI list together for some serious shopping on Sunday at the Sale. up at 06:00 to go to Circuit City to get in line for a Wii. Yes...we were the first one's in line (NERDS) and I now have another idoit, brain sucking box. It is addicting.

However, before heading to the house to play all afternoon...I did get another run on my leg for the WWR and shaved 30 seconds off the time 23:39. It was much much hotter today than I think it is the altitude issues. Will be running it again hopefully tomorrow.

Pictures of Quandry Peak, Greys, & Torreys here

Tonight finds us hitting the REI sale to drop a dime or two...

I leave for Chattanooga, TN on Tuesday...and won't return until Friday. Not helping my running.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Off to Atlanta for the week...It should be nice and cool with low humidity!!! HA-Ha---Not so much.

Will miss most softball games. At least this gives my torn up arm a rest.

Will be trying to hook up with the Atlanta Hashers at some point.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Monday's softball game ended in disaster...we kept up with the upper division team for most of the game, but couldn't hang on...

Tuesday's game also ended in disaster to a team we have already beaten twice this year. That's what happens when nobody hits.

Wednesday found a very successful happy hour...lots of old faces showed up...Welcome back Krabs, PileOn, Just Tom, Just Joe, Nitro Natalie, BJLM, etc...etc...

This weekend finds me hiking another 14er...Quandry...

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Softball game - we were up 22-1 at the end of the 1st inning...needless to say we won in the bottom of the third. Then headed to Denver for the Rockies game...which they won in 11 innings.

Saturday found us doing nothing...absolutely nothing. So I played the idiot box all day while Joel slept.

Sunday...again nothing. Did manage to get to town (FC) once for dinner.

What a bunch of lazy asses!!! least I can admit it.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Nothing to do...

Last night marked the first night in a long time that Joel and I did softball games, no happy hours, nothing...I was slightly bored, so I turned on the idiot box (PSP) and played Ratchet & Clank for ~ 3 hours.

Tonight brings us to another softball game and possible Rockies Game in Denver. Still haven't decided what the weekend will bring.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wednesday brings on my women's competative team softball...we all show up for a 6:00 game only to find out the other team hasn't bothered to it was a hard fought game, but we won 7-0 by default. Off to Old Chicago we all go...Most are still working on their mini-tours...I'm on my second now.

We head up to Blackhawk with 3 of our friends...a little lunch buffet and a little gambling. Steve and Joel both walk away from the $5 slots winners...big winners. Gina, Joe, and I aren't winners.

We then race back to Severance for a BBQ with more friends. Watched the fireworks from our house...Greeley, Windsor, and the neighbors display.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


So last night instead of being a good girl and not playing know, let the whole arm rest thing...I played with Joel's co-ed team in Fort Collins...we won.

Went to Old C's after and finished the the cool t-shirt.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

Happy Birthday Pays 4 Busch (Joel)!!!

We awake ~ 4:00 to hike Greys & Torries Peaks. Knees Up & Chinwacker decide they need the altitude training for the Leadville Marathon, so they go with us.

If you have never done a 14er before these are two that would be good. They are easy...nothing technical about them, no rock scrambling, nice worn trails, etc. It took us ~5.5 hours from the first step on trail to the last step off trail.

Knees Up and Chinwacker decided to set some sort of world record for time...and were basically running the whole thing...Damn over-achievers!!! At the top of Torries, I whipped out a cupcake with a candle and had everyone that was on top sing Happy Birthday to Joel. Had a few issues on the way to light headed, pukey like, and heart was what should have taken up ~30 min or so took me 45 min to get to the top.

Joel and I then proceeded to Parker to have a late lunch and birthday celebration with his family. Mumm...thanks for the steaks.

Saturday's Activities

It's a Hashing Day!!! Yeah!!!

Since I was a hare, I had to be at the trailend at 9:00...which didn't happen. At 8:40 Brownie calls me and states that he has just left his house in Colorado Springs. So much for laying trail early. So Pays 4 Busch and I stop at REI to get him a "save my ass in case I get hurt" pass from the CO search and rescue. Meet up with Knees Up and we proceed to mix flour and lay the top half of the trail...and then wait for the pack. Had a successful Hash...50 lbs of flour, 10 hounds, and 90 PBRs later we were all happy.

Spent the night at Knees Up's house instead of camping near the Peaks.

Friday's activities

So we lost our softball game in Wellington by 1 run. We put up a good effort, but not being the home team did not help. So we had to go to Old Chicago's to drink away our loss...I got three more beers toward my one beer to go and I get my t-shirt!!!