Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First Run

So I haven't run in a while...quite a while to be exact. After all the injuries (knee, hip, lower back, etc). I had to lay off for a while.

But with the arrival of the new GPS, heart rate monitor, watch thing...Garmin 405, I had to start back up...that and the health fair at work was an eye opener...

I will post the nast results from the health fair tomorrow.

As for my pathtic run...
1.38 miles
10:08 pace

Will keep this route for at least the next 3 days...don't want to start hurting in the joints again.

Survived Vegas...

So we all survived Vegas...barely. Came home with 3/4 of the money we took. Not I am going to spend it on a Garmin 405 GPS heartrate monitor!!!

On Saturday we laid at the pool at the Flamingo all a cabana. It is the way to go....not ever going to fight for a spot at the pool again...will have my own chairs, shade, TV, etc.

Managed to hit the Spirament Rhino on Sunday it...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lame O

So I have been so swamped at work...I haven't been able to keep up with this blog, my facebook account, my hash space, etc, etc...

We are trying to launch an entirely new training program at work...and it's getting closer to the launch date and we are still trying to come up with instruments and presentations. One of my co-workers is in Argentina not much help there. Oh will get done eventually.

Tomorrow is Steve's b-day!!! HAPPY B-DAY Steve!!!!

We leave for Las Vegas on least I get a little break. Gina got us a cabana at the pool for Saturday...can't wait. Joel thinks he wants to take the Wii and play all day at the pool.

Also trying to decide if we are going to South Africa this year...started looking at airfare...Ouch! But it would be the trip of a lifetime...and I would get to see some good friends I haven't seen in a year.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Found on bottom of a kleenex box

don't be bashful.
don't be shy.
it's time to unabashedly let it out!
so be messy.
be imperfect.
be liberated and free.
be what you are.
be human.
blow it loud and blow it proud.

Mexico Write Up 2006

Hola from Mexico…where to begin…

Dia Uno:
Left Denver on Sunday morning…you all will be happy to hear that I did not take out anyone in the airport this time around (think India). Managed to get to Monterrey, Mexico without any international incidents. The hotel was very nice and is right outside a macro plaza and many museums (that I won't get to visit). Dinner…where does one begin. The restaurant's name was "El Rei de Cabrito" which translates to "the king of little goats". Is anyone catching on to this yet?!? For someone who refuses to eat veil and lamb…bring on the baby goat (just eat it Melody and don't offend the locals). Although I must admit…it was quite tender. We (my co-workers and I) proceeded to walk off our dinner of infant goat in the macro plaza and took in the local arts and culture for the rest of the evening. Let me mention how hot & HUMID it is here…my hair is doing the "Pollyanna" curl.

Dia Dos:
Ahh…time to begin actually working. One thing to note is that everyone in Mexico is on "Hawaiian time"…don't get in any big hurry and if they tell you to be ready @ 07:30…they won't show up until at least 30 min. -1 hour later. So needless to say…setting up the room for training at 08:30 didn't occur until ~10:00. So once we got the room set up…we didn't actually start the training until 15:30 in the afternoon. WHAT?!?! Who's bright scheduling idea was this??? And no…I got no siesta in between all this. Ahh…let's not forget dinner. Four of us walked to a local restaurant…again with the infant animals…but let’s start at the beginning of the meal. Appetizers - some sort of cheese dish and cuitlacoche (this is a dish that they let mold grow on…tasted like mushrooms to me); we will see in a couple of days if I have to get into the Cypro. On to the main course…my co-workers decided to share a "suckling pig"…I swear I dissected something like this in high school (fetal pig). I had to tap the ball of the femur just to make sure it had hardened up. I thought I would play it safe and order a chili shrimp dish…oh the shrimp was "cooked"; not how you & I think of cooked…it was "cooked" in vinegar i.e. soaked in acid for 30 minutes. So my first bite of shrimp was cold…humm…but very vinegary…Look up "Ceviche".

Dia Tres:
Good Lord where to begin on this day. Have I mentioned how hot & humid it is here? Day starts with meeting our distributors at "08:30" for a 3-hour training. Needless to say around 09:15 we finally are off to the offices. We stood around for about another "15 minutes" and didn't get started training until 10:00. Now let's remember that I have the "beast" that I have to feed ~every 3-4 hours. This training didn't get over until ~13:00…and we had to wait "30 minutes" for everyone. Needless to say the beast was very upset when 14:30 rolled around and still no food. Have I mentioned again how hot and humid it is here. This becomes very important shortly. With "lunch" finished…we now have to pack up and head to the next town "San Luis Potosi ". This is about a ~5.5 hour drive from Monterrey. We again sit around for "30 minutes" before we leave. There are 5 adults (with a week's worth of luggage), large laboratory instruments, and 5 computers in 1 Nissan wagon vehicle (about the size of a outback) with no A/C & 1/4 tank of gas. So about 17:00 we finally get on the road (Monterrey is a city of 6 million people) right in the middle of rush hour. As I am sweating away into a pile of salt, trying to catch a few zzzz's…I am awoke by the rest of the car telling me that the car is overheating and we need to turn around. WHAT??? We aren't going to try and cross the desert on a horse with no name??? About this time…all I can do is start laughing. We manage to get back through traffic and to the rental car place (Sheraton Hotel…and I'm thinking I should just say). We are now currently in a Ford Mini-van with A/C. I am much happier now…out of my sweat-stained suit and in my Keen's and knickers. I will let you all know how the tequila is…for I fully intend to hit it when we finally arrive at our destination. A destination that we were supposed to be at ~17:00pm…it's now 01:00

India Past Trip Write-Up 2006

For something fun I thought I would publish the e-mails I sent about past trips...this was before my blogg.

India 2006:
As some of you know or may not…I am currently in Hyderabad, India for work.

Day 1-3 (it all blurs together):
Tried to take lady out at Denver airport when two of my bags decided to jump ship on the escalator (they just kept sliding down) while on my way to the check in counter…I'm surprised that it didn't break her legs…What was my name in the whole situation…Jan, Jan Brady.
Got on plane in Denver at 08:30 local time (2 hour flight). Had 2 hour layover in Chicago. Get on plane for Frankfurt (8 hour flight). Thank goodness my company had the sense to put me in "Economy Plus", although I think I need first class next time (seats turn into little beds). Did not get much sleep at all on this flight.

Arrived in Germany ~06:30 local time…had a 5 hour layover in Germany…jet lag starts to set in. Couldn't find any place open to convert currency to Euros…so had to eat at McDonald's with credit card. Mumm…cheeseburger at 6am local time. Is this what Mr. Jimmy Buffet was talking about?? Also last time I will see ice.

Get on plane to Hyderabad ~11:15 local time (another 8.5 hour flight). Jet lag has officially set in and I feel like I am drunk as a skunk…without having had one drink. So needless to say, I am out like a light from take off. I must note…I am the only skinny little blonde on the plane…everyone else was either very very tan or maybe a different culture…I will let you all ponder that one. When I did finally awake, the airline attendant stated "you slept the entire time, we have been keeping an eye on you"…WHAT?? Is there something I needed to know about my safety??
Get off plane in India (local time now 23:30). Customs was a breeze. Getting my luggage however took over an hour. Once I acquired my luggage…the fun begins. I now have to find my driver in a sea of beggars…but first I had to pee. I now get my first experience of a toilet in India. There is a reason mother's teach their daughters the "hover" technique. Every heard of the "cocaine nail"…well here it is the left hand and not used for snorting…there ain't no toilet paper, all there is is a little trickling faucet in the stall with you…think hard kids. Although the beggar woman in the bathroom did have toilet paper for me…I really did try to tip her 3 quarters…but she didn't want them…she wanted "dollar"…that's all I could understand…and I didn't have a paper one. So NO TIP FOR YOU. I kinda felt like the bathroom Nazi.
Anyway…on to finding the driver…It is now 01:00 local time…In the sea of beggars and taxi drivers, I find a gentleman with a sign with my name on it…and off we go. We almost ran over, no less than 3 motorcyclists for the 6km ride to the hotel. Again…have no Rs (rupees) so no tip for him either…although I don't even know if I am supposed to tip or not. I just make a beeline for the hotel door.

All checked in…I must say, all of the hotel floors are marble and countertops are granite. I'm still trying to figure out how I can sneak it on the plane with me. There are some sort of protests going on…so no going out. At this point I haven't got the nerves to try and venture out by myself…also still tired.

My co-workers will be taking me out tomorrow. "I feel today you can take rest as it being a local bund called by Naxalites (protests). We can go to Charminar, Chudi Bazaar and have Hyderabad biryani at Hotel Paradise (dinner at 8:00 pm is ok with you!!!)." Maybe I will have more to report on the local culture side tomorrow.
I must now nap again.

Let's see, where did I leave off…Oh yes, sleeping all day to try and get over jet lag…I am still not sleeping through the night (as it is 5am local time and 5:30 pm CO time)

Day 4 (Sunday):
I must make a small correction to Saturday…there was not a religious holiday, it was protests from the extremist groups…good thing I didn't go try and venture off by myself.
Sunday brings a day of outings…to the Charminar (four tombs). The first thing to note is the heat and humidity as I walk out of the hotel. This was a very interesting site…it is located in the "old" part of the city…Muslim dominated, so of course I am not covered in a burka. Talk about getting starred at…but let me back up to the drive over to the site. Traffic is crazy here…there are no "lanes" so to speak of…everyone just drives where ever…I was told that at least 5 people get run over everyday. As one walks to places of interest…you must learn to not get run over by cars, buses, and/or "two wheelers" aka motorbikes. After visiting the tombs…off to the bizarre we go. If you have ever been to NYC and into Chinatown…it has nothing on this place. It was the craziest place I have ever been…one almost feels a bit uncomfortable walking up and down the lanes. The shop owners send out the kids to try and get you to walk into the shops…and they all have the same krap. Anyone want a 9k gold bracelet…can't guarantee that it won't turn your arm green. Have I mentioned yet how hot and humid it is here?!? Also worth mentioning is that the air pollution is so bad here that it is like smoking 20 cigarettes a day to breath the air.
After the bizarre, we go to a famous hotel for dinner…this is my first experience of Biryani. This is supposed to be a spicy indian rice dish. One must also keep in mind that Mutton is goat here in India…I opted for the chicken biryani…although I cannot guarantee that they didn't kill the chicken in the kitchen. Oh well…it was good. On the way to dinner…the beggars were pounding on the windows of the car…beggars with no arms, no hands, etc…just keep looking forward Melody…don't turn your head and draw more attention. I don't know who wanted to stare more…them at me or me at them.

Day 5:
Work actually starts…pooh…but after work we head for the bar for cocktails. I am the only women in the bar…this is where I experience my first "Indian" beer...

Day 6 will bring more work…and an outing to an old fort and more restaurants.

Picture of SE Asia...

You can see the pictures by checking out the links on the right hand side of this blog.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


So I arrived in Hanoi in the middle of a Cholera outbreak...don't drink the water. Good thing I was doing a drinking water and wastewater training.

Got to see a water puppet show, shop for silk, and tea.

$1 - 16,000 VMD

It rained the entire time I was in Hanoi. I flew to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) on Wednesday evening. Much different weather...very hot and humid. Not quite as bad as Bangkok, but hot.

I did two for Drinking water on Thursday and one on Wastewater on Friday. I got to tour the Cu Chi tunnels from the war...very interesting. They are small. It is quite amazing that considering the fire power the American forces had...they couldn't compete.