Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So we hippies here in Colorado are always looking for ways to help the environment...maybe it's
1) Drinking beer instead of water,
2) Recycling our beer cans,
3) Using our newspapers as worm bedding in our worm farms,
4) Having our own bloody mary gardens, etc.

I think at the Busch household it is now time to look into getting ONE (1) backyard chicken. Since we don't have a dog...a chicken might be a more suitable animal for our life style. The bonus is the little fluff better lay some eggs. Now it would be too easy just to add a chicken or two to the flock our friends already have (and I note that they live further out in the country than we do). Since the average lifespan of a chicken is 4-6 years (but alas some live as long as 12 years)...we should get a few eggs of the little bugger.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So having not done anything since Nov. 2008...has left my body weak. :-( No more man legs, hips, washboard abs, etc.

Today was the first day back to physcial therapy since being back in the country (been in South Africa and Kulala Lumpur) and cleared for strength training and "light running". The "light running" is not going well. How am I supposed to run a 25k...or maybe a 10k...ok maybe a 5k the first weekend in May if I cannot even get one lap around the track (aka 1/4 of a mile)??? PT better get me up and hip muscles have gone to hell in a hand basket...not to mention my leg muscles.

We did get the Wii fit on it has been rather funny. I started out yesterday at Wii age 34 and today I am 35. Joel was Wii age 24 yeasterday and today he is 35. Wow - he sure did age fast. I am kicking him on the Hula Hoop game!!! I can't do some of the one leg things, since the whole knee surgery thing doesn't leave me with a strong enough leg to do them.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Venting... is the venting post...I will drink for whining later.

I absolutely love the fact that he never ever answers the phones (cell or home) when he knows that it is anyone he might have to talk too more than 5 min. I also love the fact that his family chooses to call his cell phone and then they wonder why he never calls back or answers them. He doesn't even bother listen to the messages half the time.

I just sit back and laugh took him 3 days just to listen to a particular voicemail from a female...and then didn't even bother to return the call. She then proceeded to call the house phone (which he didn't answer while home) and I had to send an email declining all invitations.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Great Stew Incident

So last Saturday started out per know, wind blowing and snow blowing around. So it was decided that it was the perfect day to brew beer. So while the boys brewed beer...the girls would keep the two littlest helpers entertained. With four adults and two little ones, we would eventually need to eat.

So before leaving the great plains of eastern CO (at least that is what our friend's think)...7.5 miles east of I-25...I decided the best way to feed a house full of brewers was to make a STEAMING, HOT, crock pot full of beef stew. Up I got...early enough to have the stew ready to leave the house at we packed up the Wii, playstation 3, Rockband, and the stew and off we went to the big city (Fort Collins) to brew the beer.

Now out here in the eastern plains, when it snows and the wind blows, we tend to get a few drifts and one needs a vehicle that sits a little higher so one doesn't get high centered on the drifts. Now I managed to drive just fine and keep the stew in the crock pot. YEAH!!!

Now we get less than 4 blocks from our final destination...and the house of brewing...and I took a corner no more than 0.00006 miles/hr and of course the stew goes flying across the back of the 4-Runner. Needless to say...Joel didn't say a word...probably for the best.

As we pulled into our destination...I started cleaning my baby. Now about this time M & B came out and welcomed us to the brew house...but their dog Cooper also welcomed us and was really happy to see my stewed up 4-Runner...he was more than happy to help clean up the mess. I just hope the after effects weren't too bad!!!

The Great Stew incident is now complete...the steam cleaning of the vehicle was completed tonight.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Daily Haiku

So a friend of mine started doing this daily haiku thing...this one was by far the funniest so far...Thanks Brownie!!!

conference call bullshit
could we waste any more time?
thank gawd for bloggers!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What's Up?

So I survived SE Asia once again. Hung out in Singapore for a day...trying to get adjusted to the time. Still find things I haven't seen before. Then flew over to Kuala Lumpur for the week. Saw all sorts of things. Then of course there was the work thing. I will try to get the pictures posted soon.

Now back to the real world...running is not going well. I can't even get to the end of the block without serious pain. This is not looking good for my race season this summer. It's also not looking good for my waist line.

Joel is still riding the unemployment train...good thing it has been extended another 13 weeks...although if he rides it that long...we will have some serious issues at my house...There will be no working for Melody that long...we have a new wal-mart going in..."Welcome to Wal-Mart - How may I help you???"