Monday, December 31, 2007

New Hobbie...

So I have decided to farm worms...Vermiculture.

I can't decided between the "Can-O-Worms" and the "Worm Factory" to house them in. Pay4B is really excited about the idea!!! Ha-Ha...right.

It is recommended to have 500 worms per non-vegetarian in the house...sweet 1,000 worms for us.

We shall see how this all works out...hey it's good for my garden and houseplants!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Blew Up...

So our water heater blew up yesterday...thank gawd I was only part of the basement flooded. It should be ~$750 or so for the new one. Had it installed this morning...the bill comes after the first of the year.

So much for my new will be at least 6 months before I quit bending over to get the meat.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

End of Year Wrap up...

For those of you who didn't get the "Form Letter"

We are still out in Severance, CO. Joel is working for Harris Engineering as a process engineer & Melody is working for the Hach Company as a Technical Consultant & Instructor. We are still in our house with the 2 cats (Archimedes and Galileo).

This year found Melody traveling from one end of the earth…to the other. Joel stayed home and held down the fort. We did manage to play sports, travel for fun, and just goof off most of the time.

January was pretty calm at our house. Nothing too exciting…a trip to LA, California for Melody for her company’s International Sales Meeting. February found Joel and Melody in Durango, CO for a little fun…we once again participated in Snowdown. This year’s theme was “Pirates”…so we both dressed as pirates and walked down Main Street. I guess we did get some snowshoeing and skiing in while we were there.

In March we once again played in a dodgeball league for a little exercise. Melody traveled San Antonio, TX and Sao Palo, Brazil for work. We met up with and stayed with some good friends at Vail. It was rough staying up all-night and skiing all day. Those folks from the Ozarks live fast! April found us in Las Vegas with friends for a little R & R. The Hard Rock has a great pool. Again went back to work needing a vacation day from our vacation! Melody also found herself in New Orleans for work…it’s a tough job.

In May Melody found herself on her first International trip to SE Asia. She got to visit Singapore, Manila, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh (Saigon). What an amazing week and a half. Vietnam in an amazing country and she recommends if you ever get a chance to visit…take it. She also found herself in Washington state. This is also the start of summer softball leagues. Joel and Melody both were on multiple co-ed teams and each played on men’s and women’s teams. Joel was asked to join the Hach golf league, after his performance in the Hach golf scramble in Estes Park (which is an experience when you’re waiting for the elk to finish their nap in the fairway, or hit your ball over by a bull keeping an eye on his dozen girlfriends).

In June, we were consumed with summer softball. Got some white-water rafting in on the Poudre River, which is right here in Ft. Collins. Caught the Police reunion tour. Melody managed to stay in the US…only traveling to TN and CA. Again in July softball continues most nights of the week for us, and only one trip to the Atlanta area for Melody. We hiked two 14’ers one day, Gray’s and Torrey’s, and another 14’er the following weekend, Quandry (see photo). On the Quandry hike we celebrated another 14’er bagged by enjoying a nice cold can of Natural Light. Many of the other hikers looked skeptically on, but others caught on and wanted pictures of them chugging a beer on top of a 14,000 foot mountain too!

August once again found Melody running the Wild West Relay, again in our kilts. This was a 195-mile relay race from Fort Collins to Steamboat, CO. We again did very well…beating our time last year by over 10 min. Softball continued 5 nights a week. Melody got to travel for work to South Africa…she worked during the week and then took off for Kruger National Park for the 3 day weekend...words cannot describe what she saw…there are, however, over 1000 pictures if you care to check them out (see blogg).

September found Melody back in SE Asia for work. This time she was in Singapore, Indonesia, and Taipei. This month also marked the start of Joel’s favorite season…the start of College Football. We also managed a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico over Labor Day. We got to run around in the jungle, in the same area where they filmed “Predator”. Melody got some awesome poison ivy or something that gave her oozing boils all over. She didn’t have any problems getting through security at the airport…ooz and all!

In October Melody found herself in the US for work…Bowling Green, KY and TX for sales calls. Softball continues for both Joel and Melody…

In November Melody was in Albany, NY for sales calls. We made a surprise trip to exotic Wendover, Nevada with some running friends. If you’re looking for gambling, cheap hotels and World War II history, Google Wendover.

In December will find us trying to balance the holidays with our families.

We hope your holidays are filled with family and many memories…

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It finally happened... appears after a year of fighting maybe forcing me to get a blackberry.

So all you jokers better quit sending me stupid jokes and dirty e-mails at work!!!

Hey...if I get "blackberry" that worker's comp eligible??

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stuck in Ice...

So my parents, siblings & families, aunt & uncle, and grandmother are all caught up in the ice storm in OK. There is no electricity and they all packed up and moved to my parents "compound" at the ranch.

My parents went a little freaky with the 2000 thing...but it has worked out. The house runs off a they are the only ones with electricity and heat. They have a they also have water. The local fire dept. has also been buying fuel off them since the pumps don't work in town.

My parents went through this a few years ago when they lived in SE OK...I guess they learned a thing or two the last time.

I will try and get some pictures of the mess soon as they send them to me.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Little Princesses

Not sure who is the princess here...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Disney World...

So...Disney world is not somewhere you should take your parents, your brother, a 4-year old, and a 7-month old. Everyone needs a nap by 1pm...and you still haven't done anything but get into the park and eat lunch.

Happy Hannukkuh!!

This goes out to all of those who are of the Jewish Faith...and those who want to be.