Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vote Chooser...

Try this out...

You answer 10 questions and it shows how many of your choices match the responses of each of the candidates. Who knows--a surprise might await you!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


So I went to check out this house that Joel was soooo enamoured sits right next to a nice golf course.

The house was GREAT!!! Nice layout, nice basement, big rooms, granite, gas stove, etc...

DEAL yard. The front yard was rock with 3 aspen clumps...and there was not enough backyard to have a garden...The back also didn't have grass or irrigation completed.

We will keep looking...

Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy Week of Cooking, Cleaning, & House Hunting...

So this week is going to be crazy...

Tomorrow I am going to look at a house in Loveland...near a golf course (So Joel is very excited). You can check it out here. Enter # 556735. This means the culling and cleaning of our house in Severance must go into over-drive if we want to get it on the market.

Wednesday - Yadda (a friend and Hach co-worker from Bangkok, Thailand) is going to cook some traditional Thai dinner at our house. Joyce (from Hach Singapore) wants to learn to make home-made ice cream, we are going to make chocolate ice-cream also.

We spent the weekend taking Yadda and Joyce to Estes Park, CO and Rocky Mountain National Park. They had never seen snow...since they both live near the equator. So we had a snowball fight, made snow angels, and saw the elk. I also introduced them to Mexican Fajitas and Pork Verde.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Still Cleaning...

So I only made 3 trips to Goodwill and the humane society this week...

We didn't get to "run" in the hash today due to cleaning and culling...but did hook up at the on-after at Chipper's Bowling. Yes...the FCH3 ended at a bowling alley and proceded to do the Beers, Burgers, and Bowling hash. Good Times by all...some more than others.

Anyone need a set of 1977 encyclopedias??? I do have all the yearly updates...just to keep you up on your k-now-ledge.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still Cleaning and Culling...

We are still working on getting the house ready for market...

Saturday I culled an entire 4-runner full of krap. Off to Goodwill it went...everything from old blinds left by the previous owner of the house, old ski boots, 4 sets of salt/pepper shakers, baby clothes (which I can't figure out where they came from), telephones, mugs, etc....etc...

Yesterday was the culling of the old computers. I found this place in Loveland that took 3 monitors, 2 laptops, 1 printer, 1 scanner, 3 computers, cables, etc...another 4-runner full...all for $15. It honestly think there is something fishy about it...but hey it was $15. Am probably hazardous polluting some 3rd world country.

Also managed to pack 3 sets of China from my maternal will stay in the boxes until I dump them on my nieces in about 50 years!!! On to the next person.

Will be working all week to cull and clean more.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Friday, February 8, 2008

Clean & Shaved Pussy




Wednesday, February 6, 2008

First Caucus...

So last night I did my first caucus here in Colorado. Even if the person I want doesn't win...I now have the right to bitch since I voted.

It was in interesting experience. For the tiny district that I am a part of...we had over 20 people show up...I have no idea how many are in our district total. Some people are very passionate about who they want for president and why...we had people a generation younger than me to people who are my grandparents generation. It was interesting to hear the "why's" on candidates.

I am a registered Democrat.

Monday, February 4, 2008

House Hunting...

So yesterday Joel and I drove around Fart Collins looking at houses. Nothing too serious until we found a house in North Fort Collins listed for $500,000. This I had to we call the realtor and got into it before the Stupid Bowl. Not impressed.

We have been thinking about moving into Fort Collins for ~8 months I actually called the realtor we used when we bought our house back in 2001 today. I figured if we were actually walking into houses to look at was time to call Russell.

I really have no desire to try and sell a house...and then of all things MOVE!!! Almost 7 years in one tends to accumulate a lot of krap. Boy do we have krap.

If Joel does make me move...we are going for the 20-year house. I better be in it 20 here are my wants:

Min. 4 bedrooms
Min. 3 bathrooms
Min. 3,000 ft2 finished
YARD...I want a I would like ~1/4 acre.
Open floor plan
Granite countertops
5 burner gas stove
double ovens

I figure it is going to cost us anywhere from $350,000 and up...probably up.

Yo boss...I need a raise!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Melody's Farmers Market

So it's time to start thinking about my Farmer's Market for 2008.

I have gotten about 12 seed catalogs in the mail over the past couple of weeks. It's time to order my seeds. I have found Johnny's Seeds to be the best for me for most veggies...for my tomatoes I like Totally Tomatoes.

I will be growing the usual tomatoes...
Sungold cherries - Orange sweet things
Striped German - Bi-colored medium sized
Yellow Pear - Yellow pear-shaped cherries
Brandywines - Yummy

I will also be growing the following:
Onions - Walla-Walla, Copra, and some reds
Parsely - curled and italian leaf
Peppers - I don't know which ones yet
Broccoli - If I can get it in the ground soon enough
Cabbage - again if I can get it in the ground soon enough
Shallotts - I would like to try this year

Finally getting Better...

So 12 days after I came down with the Funk...I am starting to feel better. Still not 100%...but getting there.

Got my appetite back...and tried some new recipes...YUMMY...

Alaskan Smoked Salmon Bruschetta
Ancho-Encrusted Alaskan Scallops with Angel Hair Pasta in Cilantro Pesto

These will be 2 recipes we will be using for our Beer Dinner at our house this month. The beers will be from the Alaskan Brewery in Juneau. Joel and I's favorite...

I will be doing Grilled Alaskan Salmon with Tomoto-Arugula Salsa for a beer dinner at a friends house!!! Yummy...