Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's the Final Countdown...

Let the countdown begin...I told my physcial Terrorist to just meet me at the track for PT on 1 April. Let the running and swelling of the knee begin. Gotta get ready for my races in June, July, August, Sept, Oct...oh you get the point.

Getting Ready for 5 weeks away

Had nine students last week for my laboratory class...I have 7 for the process and applications class this week. Should be pretty good...nice mix of sales, service, sales support, technical support, and new instructor.

I leave on Friday for South Africa for two weeks. We get to go to Kruger once again for the weekend...staying at Jan's home. We will be doing training for company associates the first weeka and customer sessions the second week.

I get to come home for one week and then off to SE Asia for two weeks.

Should be a wild month. All coming to an end 1 April.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


So I had to put my blog on a private setting there for a while because people I work with who have no business reading this had nothing better to do that read blogs on company time. I did not give them the address or invite them to read it. Yet they felt the need to try and comment on my posts. Seriously...get to work and quit wasting company time.

But...because I created this blogg to keep my family up to date on my travels...and my grandmother could not access this blog, I decided to put it back out on the web.

Hopefully, those will learn to keep their nose out of others business...and you know who you are.